Fall Flooring Essentials: A Deep Dive with Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring

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Autumn in Portsmouth is a visual treat. The changing colors of leaves, the crispness in the air, and the anticipation of festive times. While nature dons its seasonal best, isn’t it time your home did too? At Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring, we are dedicated to ensuring your floors are both functional and stylish. Here’s our curated guide on fall flooring tips to elevate your living spaces.

Adding Warmth to Your Floors

Plush Area Rugs: Introduce cozy area rugs that reflect the fall palette. Not only will they add warmth to colder floor types like tile or hardwood, but they’ll also infuse a touch of autumn right in your living room.

Seasonal Tones: If you’re considering a floor makeover, lean towards warm hues. Golds, deep reds, and rich browns can instantly uplift any space and make it resonate with the fall vibes.

Preserving & Protecting

Mats at Entrances: Keep the muddy footprints and moisture at bay with sturdy entrance mats. These heroes will capture most of the outdoor elements before they reach your main flooring.

Routine Clean-up: Regular vacuuming is essential, especially during fall when leaves and debris are abundant. For hardwood and laminate, gentle cleaning with a suitable floor cleaner can make a significant difference in appearance.

Address Damages Promptly: Before small nicks or cracks escalate, use the fall season as an opportunity to address and repair them. Ensuring they’re attended to will prolong the life and look of your floor.

Revamp and Refurbish

Professional Carpet Cleaning: After the summer dust and before the winter festivities, fall is the perfect bracket for a deep carpet cleanse. This will rejuvenate your carpet, enhancing its longevity and freshness.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: If your hardwood seems dull or worn out, fall’s moderate humidity levels in Portsmouth make it an ideal time to refinish. The wood will be less likely to warp, ensuring a smooth finish.

Consultation and Expertise

Never underestimate the value of professional guidance. Whether it’s about selecting the right shade, material, or maintenance product, we at Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring are always here to assist.

To sum it up, as you sip on your pumpkin spice latte and watch the world transform outside your window, know that a little attention to your flooring can make your indoor experience just as magical. Through adequate protection, maintenance, and timely upgrades, your floors can be as enchanting as a Portsmouth autumn.

Embrace the season with Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring. We’re here to ensure your flooring needs are met with expertise and care. Cheers to a cozy, warm, and stylish fall season!

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors in Fall: Expert Tips from Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring

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Fall is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year. As the leaves begin to drop and the cooler weather sets in, homeowners in Portsmouth, OH, often seek advice on how to best maintain their hardwood floors during this transitional season. The team at Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring is here to guide you through the process, ensuring your floors remain as stunning as ever.

Why is Fall Special for Hardwood Floors?

While hardwood floors are a sought-after feature in many homes for their beauty and longevity, the fall season can pose some unique challenges. The combination of fluctuating temperatures, increased moisture, and debris carried in from outdoors means homeowners need to be extra diligent.

  1. Regular Cleaning is a Must

Fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris can easily find their way into our homes. To prevent these particles from scratching or damaging your hardwood floors:

  • Sweep Daily: This simple act can effectively remove dirt and debris.
  • Vacuum Weekly: Ensure you use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle brush to avoid scratching.
  1. Control Moisture and Humidity

The fall in Portsmouth, OH, can be unpredictable, with sudden rain showers and fluctuating temperatures.

  • Wipe Spills Immediately: Any liquid left on hardwood floors can cause them to warp or stain. Keep a soft cloth handy and attend to spills promptly.
  • Use Dehumidifiers: As the season transitions, humidity levels can rise. Using a dehumidifier can help maintain an optimal environment for your hardwood floors.
  1. Invest in Quality Mats and Rugs

Strategically placing mats and rugs can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also protect your hardwood floors.

  • Outdoor Mats: These can trap dirt, mud, and moisture, preventing them from reaching your floors.
  • Indoor Rugs: Particularly in high-traffic areas, rugs can minimize wear and tear, offering an added layer of protection.
  1. Check for Wear and Tear

It’s a good practice to inspect your hardwood floors periodically, especially during transitional seasons.

  • Look for Scratches: Minor scratches can be addressed with touch-up kits, ensuring they don’t evolve into bigger problems.
  • Refinishing: If you notice significant wear or dullness, it might be time to consider refinishing your hardwood floors.
  1. Mind the Temperature

Though the fall can bring a mix of warm and cold days, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent temperature indoors.

  • Avoid Direct Heat: Keep heaters or radiators at a safe distance from hardwood floors.
  • Use Curtains and Blinds: These can act as insulators, maintaining a consistent temperature indoors.
  1. Consult the Experts

If you’re unsure about the state of your hardwood floors or how best to care for them, don’t hesitate to seek advice. The experts at Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring in Portsmouth, OH, are always ready to help.


Hardwood floors are an investment, one that adds value and beauty to your home. With the fall season bringing its own set of challenges, it’s crucial to adjust our maintenance routines. Following the tips above and seeking professional advice when needed can ensure your hardwood floors remain in impeccable condition throughout the fall and beyond.

Visit Crabtrees Carpet & Flooring in Portsmouth, OH, for all your hardwood flooring needs. Our team is committed to helping you maintain and enhance the beauty of your floors.

Carpeted Flooring Installation in Portsmouth, OH

Are Carpeted Floors The Right Choice For Your Home?


Carpet is a timeless classic. It holds up well in many areas of the home and adds a touch of warmth and luxury as well. The softness of carpet is well loved by many homeowners especially in areas like bedrooms and living rooms where you want to feel relaxed especially after a long day. Carpet is the only soft flooring on the market, and Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring in Portsmouth, OH has a fantastic selection to choose from. There is so much to love about carpet, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? We’ll discuss some of the most important features of carpeting to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home flooring solution.

Carpeting Is Undeniably Comfortable

With so many varieties of carpeting on the market you can find a style that’s right for you. Each variety of carpet offers its own level of comfort ranging from soft to ultra-luxurious. You can decide how plush you want your carpet to be! Not only is carpet soft but it is also safe. If you have small children or members of your household who are prone to falls you can be confident that carpet is not only slip resistant, but it is also padded so if a fall were to occur it would be buffered by the carpet. The comfort of having carpeted floors installed in your home is unlike any other flooring solution out there. No other floors have the feel of carpet that we know and love. If having softness and luxury is important to you, then carpeted floors might be the right choice for your home, our carpet flooring sales team would be happy to discuss carpet in more depth with you!

Carpeted Floors Come In A Myriad of Styles

Carpeting comes in an expansive amount of styles and colors. There is sure to be a texture, color, pattern, and thickness that is right for you and for your design style. Along with the options that you can choose from with carpet comes a flexible price range as well. There are many different price points having carpet installed in your home, and we are confident you will find one that fits within your budget while still getting you the stunning carpeted floor you are after. If adding color and texture to your home is at the top of your list when it comes to your aesthetic carpeting throughout your Portsmouth, OH home might just be right for you.

Carpet Maintenance Is A Snap!

Keeping your carpet looking beautiful is simple. Weekly vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning will keep your carpets in tip top shape. Occasionally our carpet flooring experts recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned as well to keep those carpets looking their best. Carpet is known to hold allergens in its particles to keep them out of the air, then once you vacuum with your HEPA filter they are removed and your air quality remains as good as new. If allergens in the air from dust and dander keep you down, installing carpet in your home might be right for you.

When all is said and done having carpeted floors installed in your home might just be what you’re looking for to update those floors. Our experienced professionals at Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring in Portsmouth, OH are well versed in the ins and outs of carpeting your home. We are sure to assist you in finding the style, pile and color that will coordinate with your home and give you that soft luxurious feel that only carpet can do.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Portsmouth, OH

Why Should You Consider Hardwood Flooring Installation?

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring High Quality Hardwood Flooring Installation

There are many advantages when considering hardwood flooring installation in your home. Hardwood floors are durable, easy to clean and stand the test of time in comparison to other flooring options on the market today. That longevity of hardwood flooring alone makes them worth the investment. Here are some of our top reasons for having hardwood floors installed in your Portsmouth, OH area home.

Longevity of Hardwood Floors

Our number one reason for having a hardwood installer come out and outfit your home with hardwood floors is that longevity we already mentioned. Just simply thinking about the bones of those beautiful old homes we all know and love, they typically have hardwood floors throughout, which begs the question how do they last so long? The answer is, is that properly cared for hardwood floors can last for many years. If you take the time every few years to do a maintenance coat, and then every 10 or so years resurface and refinish your floors you will have beautiful floors in your home for year after year. One of the determining factors of how long your floors will last is the thickness of the wood planks used. Some thicknesses of wood can last for anywhere from 20-80 years, which is incredible to think about!  (of course, this is barring any unforeseen accidents or damage from extenuating circumstances).

Easy to Maintain and Clean

With so many cleaners, mops, brooms, and vacuums out there keeping hardwood spic and span is a breeze! For regular upkeep of your hardwood floors a quick sweep around the floors daily to grab any dirt and debris is really all that’s needed for daily maintenance. You can also consider vacuuming if you’d rather take that route instead. About once a week it’s recommended to mop your floors with a nice wood cleaner, and your floors will look fantastic. It couldn’t be easier to keep your hardwood flooring clean. With work schedules and activities keeping families busy, it’s great to have hardwood floors that practically take care of themselves. This is just another example of why having hardwood flooring installed in your Portsmouth, OH home is a wise choice!

Enhances any Décor

Our third reason for having hardwood flooring installed in your home is that it never goes out of style. Hardwood flooring easily enhances the look of your home beautifully and seamlessly blends in with your style of furniture and décor. You really can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring because it is timeless and will never go out of style. There are so many trends in décor that come and go, but hardwood floors will last forever.

For these reasons and many more, it is our opinion that hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment in any home. You will see that not only does it enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, but it also increases the value of your home instantly. Our hardwood flooring sales team would love to walk you through the ins and outs of hardwood flooring and give you an even better idea of what you can expect from hardwood floors, and if they are the right floor for your home here in the Portsmouth, OH area.