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Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring is your go-to flooring store for high-quality carpet and flooring in Chillicothe, Ohio. Our family-owned business has been serving the community with pride and dedication for over three decades. At Crabtree’s, we understand that flooring is not just a functional aspect of your home or business—it’s a statement of style and comfort.

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Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with the finest selection of flooring products. We also have expert installations and unparalleled customer service. Our reputation has been built on a foundation of trust, quality, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re renovating your home, updating your office space, or embarking on a new construction project.

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Unmatched Selection of Carpet and Flooring Options

At Crabtree’s, we believe in offering an extensive range of flooring options to suit every taste, budget, and application. Our showroom near Chillicothe is a treasure trove of flooring possibilities, including:

  • Luxurious Carpets: Soft, cozy, and available in a lot of colors and textures. Our carpets are sourced from the industry’s leading brands. Whether you prefer plush, berber, or patterned carpet, we have something for every room in your home.
  • Elegant Hardwood Flooring: Nothing beats the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring. Our collection includes a variety of wood species, finishes, and plank sizes. These will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space.
  • Durable Vinyl and Laminate: For those seeking a practical yet stylish flooring solution, our vinyl and laminate options are perfect. They have a blend of durability and aesthetics. These floors are ideal for high-traffic areas and come in designs that mimic the look of real wood or stone.
  • Stunning Tile and Stone: Elevate your home with our exquisite selection of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways, our tiles add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Expert Installation and Personalized Service

At Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring, we’re not just about selling floors—we’re about creating lasting relationships with our customers. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized services and expert installations. We will ensure your complete satisfaction. From helping you select the right flooring to fit your lifestyle to ensuring a flawless installation, we’re with you every step of the way.

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We invite you to visit our showroom near Chillicothe and discover the Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring difference for yourself. If you’re looking for carpeting, hardwood, or any other flooring solution, our team is here to help you find the perfect fit. Experience the excellence that has made Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring a trusted name in Chillicothe, OH, for over 30 years

Discover Chillicothe, Ohio: A City Rich in History and Natural Beauty

Located in the heart of Ohio, Chillicothe is a city that has a rich history, culture, and natural beauty. It was the first capital of Ohio, Chillicothe. Chillcothe is a treasure trove of historical landmarks and captivating stories from the past. Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a charming getaway, Chillicothe has something for everyone.

Historical Highlights

Chillicothe’s historical significance is undeniable. It was the first capital of Ohio, not once but twice, from 1803 to 1810 and again from 1812 to 1816. This historical city was the center of political activity. It played a crucial role in the early development of the state.

One of the most notable historical sites in Chillicothe is the Adena Mansion & Gardens. This grand estate was once home to Thomas Worthington, one of Ohio’s first senators and a key figure in the state’s history. Visitors can tour the mansion, stroll through the beautifully maintained gardens. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the Scioto River Valley.

Exploring Ancient Earthworks

Chillicothe is surrounded by remnants of ancient civilizations, most notably the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. This park is home to several ancient mounds and earthworks created by the Hopewell people over 2,000 years ago. These impressive structures are a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the ancient inhabitants. For anyone interested in archaeology and Native American history, you won’t want to miss this.

Outdoor Adventures

For those who love the great outdoors, Chillicothe does not disappoint. The city is surrounded by beautiful parks and natural areas. These offer a variety of recreational activities.

Paint Creek State Park, for example, is a popular destination for hiking, fishing, boating, and camping. The park’s scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere make it an ideal spot for a relaxing day in nature.

Yoctangee Park, located in the heart of Chillicothe, is another great spot for outdoor activities. The park features a picturesque lake, walking trails, playgrounds, and sports facilities. It’s the perfect place for a family outing.

Cultural Experiences

Chillicothe is also known for its vibrant cultural scene. The Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama is a highlight, offering visitors a spectacular theatrical experience. It brings the story of the legendary Shawnee leader Tecumseh to life.

Chillicothe is also home to The Majestic Theatre. It is the oldest and continuously operating theater in Ohio. They host a variety of live performances and movie screenings throughout the year.

The city’s downtown area is bustling with unique shops, restaurants, and cafes, offering a delightful shopping and dining experience. Chillicothe Paints Baseball games provide an opportunity to enjoy America’s favorite pastime in a friendly, community atmosphere.

Chillicothe, Ohio, is a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural beauty. From exploring ancient earthworks and historic mansions to enjoying outdoor activities and cultural events. You’ll find there’s no shortage of things to do in this charming city. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, Chillicothe is a destination that promises a memorable experience.

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