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The classic comfort and warmth of carpet

Carpet flooring is more than a luxury here in Lucasville, OH, it is on our list of essentials. Who wants to step out of bed in the wintertime and place their foot onto a cold floor anyway? Carpet insulates our floors and gives us something in which we can scrunch our toes when we are wiping the sleep from our eyes. Yes, it is indeed essential.

The many carpet styles

Carpet does more than to insulate the floor and provide a soft surface on which to walk, though. Carpet sets a tone and mood for a room. The colors that are chosen and the style that is selected all contribute to the overall mood and feel of any living space. So, whether you are looking to put in a carpet flooring for a formal living room or a casual bedroom, options and choices make a difference.

Twists and friezes

Arguably, the most classic style of carpet is a cut-pile twist. The deeper the pile and the denser the tufts influences the feel of this flooring. Some have a coloring that is more variegated and there are others, called “Saxony” whose coloring is exactly even throughout, giving you that velvety appearance that you may be familiar with. A Frieze is a cross between a twist and a shag rug (yes, shag carpet is back!). This line of flooring has tightly twisted tufts, which provides better wear in high-traffic areas. We are also a carpet flooring retailer of shag carpets, which fall in a class all their own.

Berbers and patterns

A Berber combines the loop-pile design of a commercial rug with the height and softness of residential carpeting. This makes for a very long-lasting floor that is very pleasant to feel underfoot. Some Berbers are also made with a design, which adds a touch of class to any room. If designs interest you, then you might also be interested in our patterned rugs that blend cut pile with loop pile carpet to create a design.
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Don’t neglect to use carpet padding

Quality padding can make a more modest carpet feel like a million dollars. Not only does padding add to the softness felt underfoot, but it supports the carpet itself, helping the carpet to look its best longer. And, it is excellent insulation for those who prefer to walk around in bare feet.

Reimagine Your Home


Ready to Transform Your Space?

If you are looking for carpet in Lucasville, OH, look no further. If you live nearby in Lucasville, OH, Portsmouth, OH, Wheelersburg, OH, Piketon, OH, and Waverly, OH, we are your carpet flooring retailer in these areas as well. Give us a call or stop by our showroom and let one of our knowledgeable sales representatives show you some of the many styles of this essential floor covering that we offer.

Working Hours

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