Luxury Vinyl Plank Services

About luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl sheet flooring has been considered as the great choice for spaces where moisture and stain resistance are to be considered. Typically, standard vinyl contains a very thin layer of vinyl and is printed with the design layer with a protective coating over it. However, this may feel quite hard under your foot, especially if you choose to install it over concrete. Due to this, a new form of vinyl came into the picture- luxury vinyl. 

Luxury vinyl is one of the most versatile flooring options today because you get multiple sizes and visual designs. Whether you like the look of hardwood planks or maybe the appearance of stone floors, there is an option for everyone.

However, consider your lifestyle and the level of activity in the room you want to install the flooring in while selecting the best luxury vinyl option for you.

Luxury Vinyl Benefits to know.

  • When we talk about appearance, luxury vinyl is a clear winner over the standard variation because the design can actually simulate the look of wood, and it is convincing while doing so.
  • Luxury Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. You can choose to sweep or vacuum it on a daily basis, and once in a while you can use a damp mop to clean the floor.
  • If you are looking for durability, luxury vinyl takes the crown yet again, since a thicker wear layer is used on most of the products.
  • Luxury Vinyl is also easy to install, even if you are DIY-ing. They are easy to handle and you do not always need a professional to get it installed.
  • Luxury Vinyl planks and tiles always have a higher resale value as compared to its standard competitor.

Overall, luxury vinyl is a great flooring option to go for if you are looking for something beautiful, long-lasting and affordable at the same time.

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