Natural Stone Flooring

Why Choose Natural Stone Flooring?

Nature gives us many beautiful things, and among them are the minerals that we find on the earth. Many of these are used to make beautiful natural stone flooring. That’s not all, as natural stone flooring is also extremely durable and low maintenance.

Compare a natural stone floor to a wooden one; the latter is easily scratched, chipped, and worn, and will need refinishing during its lifetime. A natural stone floor doesn’t come with those problems.

Commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and any indoor living space, every natural stone flooring installation is unique. It’s also a great choice for outdoor flooring where it will withstand even the harshest weather.

Stone is the result of the earth exerting heat and pressure on the crust beneath our feet, and eventually pushing what we know as stone to the surface where it can be quarried and used for floors, for buildings, and for other purposes – as it has been for many thousands of years.

Indeed, if you are looking at having natural stone floors laid, your main problem is choosing which type to use, as there is great variety among the different stones that can be used for flooring.

Types of Natural Stone Used for Flooring

The greys and blacks and the unique appearance of basalts make this common rock type a great choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Basalt gives a lot of character to the floor with its wonderful patterns.

Granite is a popular choice for floors and is highly scratch and chip resistant, as well as often very beautiful. Quartzite is similar in durability and comes with the added beauty of veining and marble-like appearance.

Limestone is not the hardest of stones but is often used for flooring with great effect, while marble is also used for floors but can be fragile. Other flooring stones include the very beautiful onyx which can be treated to a stunning highly polished finish, and travertine, a type of limestone that comes in some quite superb colors and patterns.

There’s a lot to think about when considering natural stone flooring, so get in touch with Crabtree’s Carpet & Flooring in Lucasville, Ohio, and we’ll be happy to help.